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The demographic change affects and alters the way we think and act. Age limits blur while our society is becoming older and older. Varying activities and interests accompany and enrich this phase of life.

The mobility of today's retirees and future generations of retirees is much greater than before. Many years' travelling experience, language skills and an excellent infrastructure for the world to close ranks characterise our time.

However, other motives may be crucial for deciding to move: The costs for accommodation and, if needed, also for care in suitable senior citizens' facilities may exceed the available budget. Furthermore, the costs of living are constantly rising in the German-speaking world. Unfortunately this comes with a loss of purchasing power owing to growing inflation.

So you can see that how and why people plan their personal feelgood concept is for reasons as varied as they are individual.

This, in a nutshell, defines our target group. Beginning at 50+ through to senior citizens who want to plan and
organise their new life after their working life ends.

This means that at last they have the possibility of living out the newly-won liberties in a spirit of self-determination! Time to fulfill personal dreams, enjoying the time and place in whatever way you like!

The liberalisation of the rights of domicile across borders, and the option of having ones pension transferred to another country, speak for our concept. Experience of life and the desire to travel, combined with yearnings and necessities, amount to a lively mix of experimental curiosity paired with a desire for comfort!

Finding an appropriate domicile for this normally requires a vast amount of research work on ones own initiative. LEBENSDOMIZILE WELTWEIT closes this time-consuming gap: you can surf around our website conveniently around the clock.

Our idea will enable you to present yourself as a provider to our shared target group, mainly in the German-speaking world. You can do this by means of reliable information in text and pictorial form.


  • Can be used by end consumers free of charge on the Internet

  • Free of charge basic online presence for domicile operators

  • Target group-specific platform for estate providers

  • Internet presentation constantly up to date

The time is ripe: LEBENSDOMIZILE WELTWEIT is conceived for a fast-growing brand- and consumption-oriented target group which knows exactly what it wants and needs.

So go ahead and make use of your chance of being involved. Send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 or call us at +49 (0)178 - 72 21 711.


Take advantage of the free basic online presence for domicile operators and get involved in the 'LEBENSDOMIZILE WELTWEIT'-community!


For a more detailed presentation of your domicile or your estate services we are offering attractive service packages for different categories as PREMIUM and GROUP.