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The LEBENSDOMIZILE WELTWEIT-editorial team travels to many domiciles all over the world and reports on this website extensively about all the particular information and impressions on site. 

You can directly go to a specific report by using the appropriate 'Country' menu item to the left.
Please note that our travel reports are currently available only in German.

There are even more travel reports under the heading "Germany Excursus", which mainly address our impressions of international leisure fairs.

The order and scope of the reports are not considered to be an assessment. Any of the domiciles mentioned in the reports do reflect a selection made by the editorial team which is neither representative nor complete. All of the information provided are solely based on statements of our interviewees and our personal experiences. 


If you would like to read only certain parts of a report simply click to the relevant chapter from the index. Clicking the BACK-button of your browser or pressing simultaneously the keys 'Alt' and 'Left cursor' will bring you back to the index.

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