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About Us

The whole thing started with a visiting card created in fun for the time after retirement; its message: Enjoy retirement at various attractive international locations in a few years' time! Indeed in future there should be a whole variety of domiciles abroad.


This was followed by a casual: "Come on, why don't we plan our retirement right now". To begin with our thoughts focused on the love of foreign countries and cultures near and far, combined with recreational value and infrastructure. By consciously setting our wits to the matter of HOW, WHERE and WHEN, our way of thinking became sensitised and our views were sharpened with regard to our actions.


The result of these initial investigations was then simply a logical consequence: to deliberately concentrate our personal and social competences and many years of experience and to deal with new challenges passionately, with interesting goals in view. This is exactly how our motivation for establishing LEBENSDOMIZILE WELTWEIT can be brought down to a common denominator!

182PetraWsteFor example, in her self-managed press agency, besides the editorials she writes about specialist and lifestyle topics, PR expert Petra Lupp gathered valuable experience in publishing houses and with special publications. Her enthusiasm is based on the meticulous research, the personal interviews on site and the passionate and authentic reports. With curiosity and power she is tackling new issues, looking for contacts cross-national and expanding the global network.


183MartinWsteOver the same period of time, in his capacity as an acting partner, Martin Klug's life and agency philosophy were characterised by, for example, successfully organised incentive trips around the world, big events, international conferences and roadshows to create value added and to think and act bearing values in mind. His passions are applied to photography and the exploration of foreign countries and cultures, especially with emphasis on housing and living abroad for the generation 50+.



Often we are traveling with the motorhome and it´s always a surprise to us how far we can get with such a vehicle. Including the comfort it offers, also and especially for mobile work away on business. Find out more about our tours and travel reports here. Please note that our travelogues are currently available only in German.



Together we now stand with our committed team of specialists for the establishment and success of this innovative information platform with all its Internet and Live Communication facets. With the support of a network of location scouts who work internationally, we research in many interesting countries, always on the lookout for suitable feelgood oases for our target groups.